ONE Kids (Birth-5th grade)

ONEkids Department focuses on your children; birth to 5th grade.

The focus is to make sure your children are safe and shown the love of Jesus while parents are attending service in the sanctuary.  weeONES (birth to 2 years) are loved on by our volunteers, littleONES (3-5 years old) and youngONES (1st – 5th grade) have a lesson taught to them on their level of understanding.  They have a lesson, game and often a craft and/or special activity that goes along with their lesson.

Our Vision

Our vision is this: to help kids follow Jesus. The reality, though, is that this is no easy task! We need the whole church involved and aligned in order for this to happen. So, rather than the children ministry spending its time trying to accomplish this vision and mission independently of the others, we have decided that we can accomplish more together, streamlining our ministry to this next generation.

Nevertheless, this does not stop with the staff of the church. In fact, the reality is that the church on average only has 1.5 hours a week with your children! Compare that to how much parents have! The church can make a difference, but without the parents owning their own child’s spiritual formation and partnering with the church, the difference we make will be small, comparatively. So, not only are we ONE in our vision and organizations as a staff, but we are ONE with parents to make a difference in their kids’ lives!

Gen ONE (6th grade-College)

Gen ONE is a safe place for your middle school, high school, and collegiate age students to develop a deeper relationship with Christ and each other. They meet every Wednesday at 6:00PM to have dinner before worship. Following worship they study God’s word and break into small groups. The lessons are student focused with practical application strategies to enable your child to put what they have learned into practice.

Our Vision

We believe God will use the youth of today to change tomorrow’s GENERATION, ONE youth at a time